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Tallheo Hot Springs

Indulge in a serene and intimate soak in this secluded hot springs. This is the most efficient boat ride, allowing you to relax and unwind in with plenty of time. If you're feeling more adventurous, the option is there to first visit the infamous Big Cedar tree or a beautifully carved Nuxalk pole.

Info & Itinerary

Nestled in a the rocky shoreline of the South Bentinck channel and decorated with native west coast plants, Ic7p'iixm (in the Nuxalk language) Tallheo Hot Springs is a real hidden gem. There is one main hot pool and another smaller and slightly cooler pool, both with an incredible view of the channel. This site is also a sacred spot used by Nuxalkmc for ceremonial purposes. All along this trip, even while relaxing in the pools, you have excellent opportunities to view whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and marine birds in the channels. This tour offers the option to visit the infamous "Big Cedar Tree" of South Bentinck or an ancient village site, Talyu, where a recently raised Nuxalk pole stands. 

$1200 - 6 hours, up to 4 people

Your day will look something like this:

7AM - Depart from the Bella Coola wharf for a scenic ocean ride

Option 1: Hot Springs

745AM - Arrive Tallheo Hot Springs, soak in the pools for the maximum amount of time, go swimming, wander the trails

Option 2: Big Cedar Tree & Hot Springs

745AM - Anchor out in a sheltered bay, 20 minute hike up to visit the infamous Big Cedar Tree

915AM - On the Nan and heading over to Tallheo Hot Springs

930 - Arrive at the hot springs, enjoy the pools for approximately 2 hours

Option 3: Ancient Village Site & Hot Springs

830AM - Arrive at Talyu, shuttle to shore to visit the pole (tide dependent)

930AM - Heading back up to Tallheo Hot Springs

1015AM - Arrive at Tallheo Hot Springs, shuttle to shore and enjoy the pools for an hour.

1130AM - Begin journey back towards Bella Coola, stopping along the way as time allows to view wildlife and fully appreciate the landscapes.

1PM - Arrive back at the Bella Coola wharf.

Please enquire for 4 and 5 hours tours to Tallheo Hot Springs starting at $1000. Note: there may not be enough time to offer all options for a shorter tour.

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