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Eucott Bay Hot Springs

Eucott Bay Hot Springs

Escape to the tranquil Eucott Bay just west of Bella Coola and indulge in a rejuvenating soak. Our transportation service is extremely efficient, ensuring you maximum time to relax and unwind in this world-renowned hot springs. 

Info & Itinerary

Alhltl’liiqw in the Nuxalk language, is a sacred hot springs site tucked away from the open ocean currents of the North Bentinck Arm. The waters of the bay are warmed by the hot springs to an ideal swimming temperature. While on this scenic boat ride through steep fjord channels you have a very good chance of seeing wildlife, including whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and many different species of birds. This is a perfect getaway to the most serene setting where you'll be immersed into a very special and authentic west coast experience! This tour offers the option to visit a beautifully carved, recently raised Nuxalk pole at Ista, also known as King Island, and learn about the meaning behind the location of this pole and the land protectors that it represents.​​


$1200 - 6 hours, up to 4 people


Your day will look something like this:

7AM - Depart from the Bella Coola wharf for a scenic ocean ride


Option 1: Hot Springs

815AM - Arrive Eucott Bay, shuttle to shore

830-11AM - Soak in the pools, wander the flats, swim in the bay, potential to view bears!


Option 2: Ista Pole & Hot Springs

845AM - Arrive at Ista, shuttle to shore to visit the pole (tide dependent)


930AM - Heading back up to Eucott Bay Hot Springs


10AM - Arrive at Eucott Bay, shuttle to shore, soak in the pools, wander the flats, swim in the bay, potential to view bears!

1115AM - Begin the journey back towards Bella Coola, stopping as time and weather allows to view wildlife, waterfalls and fully appreciate the landscapes.

1PM - Arrive back at the Bella Coola wharf.

Please inquire about a 5 hour tour of Eucott Bay Hot Springs. Note: this tour departs at 7AM regardless of the duration and visiting Ista is not an option for a shorter tour.

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