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Ista Pole

Cultural Tours

Experience a one-of-a-kind journey to a pole that pays tribute to the land and its protectors. This most scenic boat ride provides an opportunity to learn about indigenous perspectives on land rights and title. Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and history of the land, as shared by those who have been its stewards for generations.

Info & Itinerary

The Ista pole was erected by the family and witnesses of Nuxalk Staltmc (Hereditary Chief) Snuxyaltwa in 2017. It stands on the north side of Ista, otherwise known as King Island. She holds the power of the first descendants of this land and recognizes the sacrificial efforts of those who continue to protect her today. She was erected on the 20th anniversary of the "Ista Stand", enacted by Nuxalk Hereditary Chiefs, elders, women and children, plus a generous support network of environmental activists, with the intentions of saving ancient rainforests. The Talyu pole was raised in 2009 by the same Staltmc and his family, Hereditary Cheif Snuxyaltwa, at the site of the ancestors of Talyuumc, the people of Talyu, otherwise known as the South Bentinck. This is an interpretive tour that inspires the indepth story telling of first, second and third hand witness accounts of these historical actions on the land and what they mean for the people of the Nuxalk Nation.

$1200 - 5 hours, up to 4 people

Your day will look something like this:

7AM - Depart from the Bella Coola wharf for a scenic ocean ride through steep glacial fjords with the chance to see dolphins, porpoises, seals, eagles, ravens and whales

Option 1: Ista Pole

9AM - Arrive at Ista, tender to shore to visit the pole (tide dependent), option to hike to the spot where the 1995 occupation took place

10AM - Journey back towards Bella Coola, stopping as time allows to view wildlife, waterfalls, and to fully appreciate the landscapes.

Option 1: Talyu Pole

830AM - Arrive Talyu, tender to shore to visit the pole (tide dependent)

930AM - Head back up the channel to view pictographs on a cliffside

10AM - Journey back towards Bella Coola, stopping as time allows to view wildlife and fully appreciate the landscapes.

12PM - Arrive back to the Bella Coola wharf

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